Pronounced: She-Tor

Spoken mainly in the southwestern coastal region of my beautiful Ghana, “shito” translates to “pepper, spicy or hot in the Ga language. Ghana sits above the equatorial Gulf of Guinea, so it's cuisine is in abundance of fish and umami.

Gloria’s Shito is a "gateway to Ghana through food - no passport required." Carefully crafted by way of a time-intensive process. It is made by the selecting and blending of hot peppers, ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes (and often fish) to capture a bloom of umami and spice. Elevating a wide array of global cuisines.


Shito - Ghana's beloved, traditional condiment. After moving to Scotland and later, the United States as a teen, I often craved the dynamic flavors of Ghana's popular street foods. As a child, before street vendors were trendy, I'd roam Accra with friends, pooling our change to share shito's smile-evoking taste. It made everything - meat, veggies, carbs - taste joyful.

My family's move West left a void, as shito carts were now out of reach. Enter my super mom Mabel, who recreated her version to satisfy my cravings. Once again, I had beloved shito.

In 2019, I returned to Ghana after years away and dove into indulging in shito - nostalgia overflowing. Back in LA, I missed it yet again. So I called Mom for her improvised recipe passed down orally, with lots of love thrown in.

My cousins and brothers caught wind and became my first customers, giving me confidence to proceed. Gloria's Shito was born from my quest to share Ghana's proletariat flavors. From my modest childhood memories and a shito-filled heart, I wish you all culinary peace, blessings, and nourishment.

Thank you Mom ...

"Queen Shito"